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miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

Just landed in Buenos Aires? Land in our Expat Coffee Meetings in Palermo! November 29th - 7.00pm

Are you a Newcomer in Buenos Aires?
If you are an expatriate, repatriate or  international professional living/ working in Buenos Aires,
 this is the right place for you.
In our 2nd year of continued work and upon request of our participants, Nómadas Globales Argentina is  re-launching the Summer Expat Meetings in Palermo City, BA.

What makes Nómadas Globales Argentina´s Meetings different?
Whether you are an independent professional, expat executive, accompanying spouse or solo traveler,  in our Meetings you´ll find the perfect place  to extend your network within the expat community in BA, share global experiences with other like-minded foreigners in Buenos Aires and, above all, develop cross-cultural communication skills to improve your effectiveness living and working across cultures.

What topics are usually discussed in the Expat Coffee Meetings?
Each Month we meet in a trendy Coffee Place in Palermo to discuss, exchange and reflect on exciting topics that have a real impact in every expatriate´s life: how can foreigners adjust successfully to Argentine culture? How to communicate with Porteños? How to work and negotiate effectively with Argentines? What are the most useful strategies to overcome culture shock? among others.  

Our 1st meeting will take place this Monday 29th November at 7.00pm in Palermo, being the initial topic: Strategies for a successful expatriate life in BA. Email us today to book your place!

As usual, the activity will be Moderated by Natalia Sarro, Argentine Psychologist, Cross-Cultural Trainer and Expat Coach - Founder of Nómadas Globales Argentina.

Email us today and book your seat for Monday November 29ths Expat Coffee Meeting:

A special discount applies if you come with a friend/ colleague!

Your Nómadas Globales Argentina Team